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Plant Believe It™ “Cheese” Sauces (Nacho Cheez is back!)


Cashew Based Cheese Sauces. Prices are per pound (16 oz).

Email for orders over 20 lbs.

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Zen Foods Atlanta’s Plant Believe It™ Cheese Sauces

Our smooth and creamy “cheese” substitutes are soy-free and cashew based.  They are made with simple ingredients cashews, water, vegetable broth, and spices.  With an uncanny similarity to the texture of traditional cheese sauce, we offer multiple flavors ready to ship to your home or business.

Drizzle it, Macaroni it, Dip it, Bake it, Smother it, the possibilities are endless.

Prices are for 16oz containers.

Currently there is a 1 week lead time before Shipping / Pickup.

Email for orders over 20 lbs.

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"Cheese" Flavors

Alfredo, Nacho, Smoked Gouda, Macaroni Cheez


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